Day 31

I really didn’t know what to expect as everyone’s journey is different. I thought better to prepare myself for the worst. I think the 1st week was the worst. The shock of what my body was going through was pretty scary. I thought I was going to die. At least I felt like I was. Haha I was pretty hysterical and inconsolable.

I displayed all the telltale symptoms:

  • Red burning rash that stopped at my wrists. It covered the other 97% of me though.
  • Frequent chills that made me shiver uncontrollably.
  • Skin peeling and shedding.
  • Super dry skin to the point where stretching caused splits.
  • Ooze and more ooze, just call me oozma kappa.
  • No longer able to sleep at night.
  • Did I mention the insane itch that could not be appeased?

A week ago I saw another dermatologist who told me that I was just experiencing an extreme eczema flare (Nahh you think, doc??). He wrote me up a special prescription for steroids that allowed me to get a large quantity of it in one go. Then his actual words were to “guard this prescription with your life”. In my head I was laughing (because it was funny) and crying (because I was paying top $$ for this appointment) at the same time.

I think I accidentally lost the prescription on the way home. Ah well.

So my summary for Month 1 is that so far I am doing better than I expected. My skin just went through a crazy peeling stage.

A few days ago my face was so dry and scaly, my neck was the worst by far! It was all dark and it looked like I was lizard. However I was really good, I let the ooze dry and didn’t scratch it. Now I’m reaping the good will I had because after the skin peeled this is what my face and neck look like!


I know you can’t see very well (stupid  bathroom light creating ambience) but the skin here is still a pit pink and a bit rough to touch but much improvement! I spent my shower gently rubbing away skin so that’s why it looks smooth. At the moment my skin here looks better than it feels so that’s a plus.

20140322_185940 20140322_192902

This is my wrist! It started spreading towards my palm so I’ve been trying really hard not to let to spread. I think anyone who can resist the itch of TSW deserves a medal.

20140322_192730 20140322_192726

My arms. It’s strange but the redness of my arms change quite frequently. I am in between flares I think as my arms are pretty calm compared to last week.


My poor scratchy leg. Very raw and painful thigh 😦 The other leg is the same. However I find the legs not as hard to deal with as the joints. They are the worst!


My belly and what it looks like when I can’t resist the itch 😦 You can see skin peeling away too.

I’ll try to post some better pictures soon in better lighting to see the progress. From a medical point of view, we TSW sufferers must be so interesting.

The skin is such a weird organ.



  1. Aww. Your poor leg. 😦 Mine looks exactly the same as yours. It looks like little bruises from afar and every time I scratch mine, I just want to cry because I know you’re not supposed to or else it will just bleed and ooze. It’s just so hard to resist. Scratching feels so good. Haha!

    Anyway, I’m also just starting out on this TSW journey and I hope to heal soon. I just used topical steroids for 5 months and my eczema spread like crazy. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you used steroids?

    • Hello lovely!

      I’ve used it since I was a little kid but I had a period between when I was 15 and 21 where I didn’t use it at all. It’s only been the last 2 years where I started using it that it’s become a problem.

      Good luck on your journey!! Hopefully yours is not as bad because you’ve only had 5 months of use. Feel free to msg me if you have more questions or just want to chat. xx

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