Day 48

1 Month and 20 days in!

So I totally forgot to mention that yes, I am doing moisturiser withdrawal. I started probably 1 week into TSW. I was pretty skeptical in the beginning but then I thought I really don’t have anything to lose. I had already taken time off both work and uni so why not?

The first few days were hard! It was as much a mental battle and a physical one. Skin was super tight and very uncomfy for the first hour or so after showering but then I found the rest of the day was more bearable then if I had moisturised. I definitely think MW worked for me. It let the ooze dry and didn’t leave me feeling ‘wet’ all the time. Plus the moisturiser I was using made me burn.

I’m starting to sweat like crazy too. Sometimes I have no idea if I’m sweating or oozing.. Although sometimes the ooze is stickier and has that metallic smell. I hate that  😦

My arms are going through a flare I think! Very itchy and oozy. This is right after a shower so it doesn’t look as bad as it feels. My arms are no longer red but have turned this colour instead..


My legs have also turned that strange purple/dark blue that I have heard so much about. This parts not so bad but it’s all raw and oozy behind the knees :s When I try to sleep my legs are bent at all weird angles to try and get some comfort!


I’m actually really impressed when I see other bloggers take photos of the back of their knees by themselves. What the! it’s harder than it looks! It fricken amazes me because I can’t bring myself to twist that way. My belly is way too raw .

I’ll try and take some better photos with better angles in future. I’m so sick of always looking at my skin. Can’t wait until it’s no longer such a priority! Eczema, get away!!




  1. Hi there! I’m new to WordPress and I’m also an eczema sufferer. I really sympathize with you! My skin gets so bad I have to take weeks off work, I cant sleep from scratching. Oh man it sucks. I was just wondering: have you tired having cold showers? Its rough in winter and I know girls like their hot showers but if you haven’t already give it a shot. I find using emulsifying ointment in a cool shower doesn’t dry my skin out as much and i need less moisturiser during the day. Hope your on the mend soon 🙂

    • I have tried cold showers but they make no difference to me! A few weeks ago showers just scared me in general. The stinging was so bad! Plus I find no moisturiser works better for me in the long run. It’s all a bit of trial and error. I’m doing epsom salt baths this week so we will see how that goes! Don’t worry you are not alone! Feel free to contact me if you are having a bad day and want to chat. 🙂

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