Day 64

2 Months and 5 days in!

TSW is one heck of a journey and I think anyone who goes through it can agree that it’s like being trapped in your own skin. There is no escape and you have no choice but to be strong. It’s like a test of endurance. I have to remind myself constantly that I am not suffering for no reason. It’s all going to pay off. I’m going to look back on this one day and think “Hell yes, I beat TSW! I whipped it good!” And then I am going to laugh as I put on jeans with ease, wear black clothes confidently and sleep for 8 hours straight like a boss.

We’re not called Skin Warriors for nothing!!!

This past week I have been doing the Epsom salt baths. They are amazing. Actually I’m not yet sure if it’s the salt that’s doing me good. It might just be that I find myself really relaxed in the tub. I actually dozed off, that’s how relaxed I was. I have a hard time getting out because that process of drying and putting on clothes is a nightmare. I will have to do another few weeks and see how I progress with the salts. But so far my skin seems to like it.

This is my arm right and (pot) belly after getting out of the bath



The oozing is getting worse though. Not so bad during the day as it dries so my skin is just tight but at night it’s waterfall city.  My leg which is a grey colour from the ooze. Usually it’s a purple/red colour.


And lastly my neck and face which has gotten even worse! The ooze monster is spreading… This must be a flare. I have no idea what to expect most days because my flare cycles have no pattern.



Stay strong everyone!! Xx



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