Day 82

2 Months and 23 days in!

Boy does this journey get harder and harder! This past week I have gone back to not being able to tolerate the epsom baths. My entire body was just stinging and burning like crazy so I am back to working myself up to have showers. In the beginning I found that if I was having a bad day I could forgo a shower or two. But now that the oozing has escalated I can’t really go a day without. Especially as my scalp is now particularly bad and when I wake up it’s just matted and gross.

As I approach month 3, I definitely find the itching sensation getting worse and it feels like it’s deep within the layers of my skin. It’s so hard to describe it’s not a normal itchy feeling. Sometimes my body will randomly convulse due to the itch, like I am having some kind of fit! The shedding is still insane, I only have to run a finger across my forehead and I can make it snow. :O

My legs are having a hard time atm. Very raw and sore!



My neck is the only place on my body experiencing edema. Strange. It is still oozing but not as much as it used to. Just in the crease really. Maybe it doesn’t feel as bad before because now the pain on my face eclipses everything else.


My face is giving me the most grief! Very sore and oozy. It’s pretty bad behind my ear too!! 😦 I also wear glasses so sometimes that can be difficult.. Hahah can’t catch a break!!! My nose is the only place not affected!! Along with my fingers and toes. Everywhere else is game on..


Also my hair has been falling out at an alarming rate. Balding patches!!!


Scary huh? I really don’t know how I have the courage to take pictures sometimes.

I am still not using any products on my body. Moisturisers are a distant memory now. I don’t even notice not using it now. I seem much happier without it really. It’s working for me. Sleep is still crap but it seems like I make up for it with my appetite. That hasn’t changed haha!

OH, also shout out to the new forum over at No More Steroids!!! So excited for more TSW awareness!!! Big thanks to all the effort the guys over there have put in! Woohoo!

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 10.48.22 am



  1. Literally, same journey.. This was my face a few days ago! I can’t do the salt baths. I basically shower once a week and sponge bathe on distilled water in between. I’m currently not oozing, so there’s that! I’m seriously with you!

  2. Hi Chi,
    Good luck with your tsw journey, I too was considering shaving my head the last few weeks. My hair is long, so it’s drag trying to comb all the bits out only to have a wad of hair come with it every time. Hmm.
    Hope things improve a bit for you soon.
    Caroline x

  3. Hi Chi! Haha your name literally means big sister in viet LOL
    Really nice to meet another Australian and another viet. Thanks so much for your comment but I think you need the support more, the first few months suck balls seriously. I would love to talk any time you wanted πŸ™‚ Thanks for messaging me and all my wishes! Are you able to do the dead sea salt baths at all to help the healing?

    • Hahah I find it weird that Chi is actually a unisex name!
      Oh yea I’m definitely at a low point atm but I’m really really lucky as I have an amazing support team. πŸ™‚
      Not doing any sort of salt baths at this point. I tried last week and my body was stinging like hell!! I think it’s all the open wounds. So I will probs try again later.

  4. aw lady that looks hell sore! They will heal up and get less and less, I have barely any open wounds on my legs now. Showers and baths will get *less* painful too, I hope you get to that point soon xx

  5. You’re going through this too 😦
    We had to cut Josh’s hair short because it kept sticking to his skin and it was so painful for him. It saddens me to see so many people going through this, but at the same time it is comforting that we are not alone. I’ve added you to our bloglist. I hope you start to feel better soon! xxx Louise (Josh’s Mum)

    • Hi Jesse, I stopped using moisturisers probably week 1 or 2 of starting tsw. It was a combination of things that made me stop. I did do some reading up on what Dr Fukaya said because I was pretty skeptical at the beginning. But I noticed while using moisturisers:
      1. I dried out quickly leaving me feeling worse
      2. I relied on it so heavily I couldn’t function without it.
      So I decided to trial it and I have never looked back! Granted the first few days were very dry and painful but I really feel better off without it now. I don’t miss it at all! Hope this helps, if you want more details of my experience let me know I’ll email you xx

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