Day 118

3 Months and 29 days in!

Went out for the first time in soooo long the other day! I saw Maleficent with my family at the cinemas, it was awesome! I was so happy as I got to wear my new Burberry trench that I got in Japan right before I started TSW. I’ve been looking forward to wearing it for so long and finally the day has come!! 😀 It was black too so I felt the victory even more! It’s been cold here so I have been loving the weather. Melbourne ❤

I am definitely moving out of the first flare it seems. The symptoms are much more manageable. The chills have gone and the weeping is not as widespread. My neck and behind the ears are better. Gone are the days when I has tissue stuffed behind my ears and neck! I think I went through a solid 2 months of constantly mopping in those places so it’s nice to wake up and not feel super gross for once.

I’m still shedding and flaking but not as much as before. Scalp is still driving me nuts and flaking a bit but I just deal with it because a few weeks ago it was oozing and soaking through tissue like crazy so this is a definite improvement. I haven’t been able to handle a salt bath though! Ah well I’m sure that day will come too.

I went to the GP for some help on sleep and a medical certificate. He took one look at me and was like ‘you goin’ all aboard the steroid train!’ Hahaha no he didn’t say it like that but he was very nice. I explained that I was already seeing another derm and that I was def not going to take anymore TS. He was happy to just let it be when he heard I was already seeing a specialist. The only thing he would prescribe me for my sleep was Phenergan aka antihistamine. However he told me if I take it I should avoid sunlight as it can lead to solar dermatitis which is sun rash. WTH I don’t think I’ll be taking them antihistamines. Not that I go out in the sunlight much anyway.

My belly looks like this every few days. They kinda have mini flares that last a few days and then fade away. The white marks eventually fade away too after a few weeks.


My arms are no better or worse. Got nothing to complain about there really.



You can see the weeping is pretty concentrated now. Before it was just everywhere and covered much larger areas. It still itches like crazy though. This is my left leg underside.


Left leg outer – Leg is either fat or swollen (edema) maybe. Nah probably just fat.


Right leg underside


My face looks like this in the morning then it gets a bit better throughout the day. Not as rough looking. Overall I’m pretty happy with the improvement. The open cuts around my eyes are finally closed! 🙂



My hair is not falling out as much!! Hooray! Plus my eyebrows are filling in. 🙂 I only have that tiny patch on my eyebrow that still oozes.


I wonder how long this healing period will last before the second flare hits?? I wonder if I will even have a second flare. I wish I knew but I guess for now I’ll enjoy whatever healing comes my way! X


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