Day 193

6 Months and 12 days in!

Holy frickle frackle, I have no idea where time went! Since the last post I was steadily improving and doing pretty well. Out and about a bit more, getting more comfortable in different clothes. The oozing was almost gone except for on my legs. However I am pretty sure I am now moving into the dreaded second flare. No idea if it will be worse than my first flare. But at least this time I am totally prepared for whatever is going to hit me.

My arms are getting bumpy and my thighs look pretty much the same.



My legs are still crazy looking. Recovery is sloooow. Sorry my legs are hairy but seriously that is the least of my problems. Hahaha.



My scalp is still shedding which annoys the hell out of me. But at least my hair is not coming out in chunks anymore. My balding patches are filling in!!! 🙂 My face had a few weeks of being really good and just flaking a little but it looks like the flare is coming back in full force. My neck also starting oozing a little bit. Not enough to cause major discomfort but still…



Yeah I’m not the best at taking selfies. 

So lots of people have been asking me about my daily regime. I am still doing no moisturisers/shampoo basically no products on my skin. That works the best for me. I shower every day, no baths because of my poor legs.  My diet is everything I want to eat. In moderation of course, I noticed too much sugar makes me itch. But food generally makes me happy. I am taking vitamin D and probiotics though. I’ve tried heaps of other supplements but I noticed they help me out the most.

I’ve also been asked how I cope with TSW as I seem pretty positive all the time. Honestly it’s because when I started all this I expected the worse. I told myself to be prepared for the worst situation possible. I don’t hold on to any hopes of healing in a short time frame. Instead I hold on to the hope that this isn’t forever and that I will eventually heal. Of course I did go through like a 3 week period of self loathing and depression but it just wasn’t my style. I knew there was no alternative route except to deal with it and get through it one step at a time. I’m not one to let shit get to me. It also helps that I am lucky enough to have an amazing support group. 

On a more exciting note, I recently met up with the amazing Esther and her husband Rhys. For all those familiar with the TSW blogs you should definitely know her. For those who don’t know her, check out her blog because she is an awesome blogger and writer.

She is in Melbourne at the moment visiting from the US so I was lucky enough to catch up with her for dinner before she jets back home. It just felt good to talk to someone who knew exactly what you were going through. We had so much in common it was hilarious! Thank you Esther and Rhys for coming to meet us, we had a blast!


From the left, my boyfriend Chris, Rhys, Esther and me!

Seriously Chris and Rhys are amazing as they are both so supportive. It can’t be easy having a partner go through TSW. That’s why I feel I can’t really complain as some people have it much worse! 

So how’s everyone else doing? X



  1. Hey there fellow TSW warrior!
    I’m doing okay, recently finishing some major exams. Boy was that stressful! I let myself sleep during the second half though:) (TSW is exhausting)!
    Good to hear your keeping positive through it all. I’ve found combing Pinterest for inspirational quotes is great!
    I’ve been doing no moisturiser for about a month now, and have found that going longer between washes is really helpful in keeping the oils on my skin. Would that work for you? Or is it too hot in Melbourne? I can get away with weekly washing in winter but as it gets warmer I find I need to wash- and I dread washing because it’s stings.
    To a healthy recovery!

    • Doing exams AND going through TSW?? You are a champ! Good to see you are doing ok though!
      I actually did go longer between washes for awhile but then I started to ooze and then I couldn’t go without showers. Especially on my head when my hair would get all matted :s. It’s actually winter here atm but summer is coming up pretty soon and summer here can be brutal.
      Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your results!! X

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