Day 242

8 Months in!

Um so I know I haven’t updated in awhile.. but this time I really don’t know where time went. I’ve probably been subconsciously avoiding doing an update which is code for I was lazy.

I kind of went through another flare, you know the whole 2 step forward 1 step back business. So that was kind of crap but I’m bouncing back much quicker this time. I’m still not doing anything new.. just going along with my usual routine. Nothing much has changed – still broken sleep, crazy itch and even crazier shedding.

I haven’t gone out as much though because Melbourne is moving into spring and pollen is everywhere!! So it’s been so lovely and sunny but no, inside safer. Hahaha.

I’ll just take some quick photos of the more affected parts. This latest flare is different in that it’s across my whole body but it’s more tiny scabs and little bumps. It’s like a dry flare not nearly as oozy as before. My arms are actually good here they were a lot worse a week ago. Talk about ups and downs…



Legs also got worse this past month but have been improving this week. What a long way they have come!



Sorry my selfies are crap. I’m no good at taking photos of my face. It’s getting better and is pretty manageable. That oozing spot on my eyebrow is FINALLY shrinking. Bout’ time mate! My scalp is being very annoying though with the shedding.


And check out that hairline!!! Balding no more! Ohooo!!


Sorry about them shitty photo angles.

So how’s everyone else holding up? πŸ˜€



  1. Hi there
    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now but only just realized I can comment using Facebook – hurrah!
    I’m 4.5 months in… you’re looking a lot better this month πŸ™‚ I’m from Canberra… one of my housemates is from Melbourne. Next time he goes up there if I’m well enough, we should totally hang out!! LOL
    I was wondering if you might be able to post a “Progress so far” thing, of the first 6 months. I’m not sure what your entire story and steroid usage is… it would be interesting to know. My blog is… would be nice to get another reader.
    Hang in there!!! I will if you do

    • Hello!
      Yes of course! If you are ever down my way drop me a line and we can do something πŸ™‚
      Do you mean like a before & after? You may as well just scroll down to my first post. It’s got my brief history. I’m a lazy blogger so I only have like 13 posts so far. I don’t document this journey nearly as thoroughly as I’d like!
      I’ll add your blog to my roll, how are you coping so far? Good to see that it’s not getting you down too much!
      Silver lining to all this is you do make good friends! Everyone who goes through this is so nice and supportive ❀

      • Yeah a before after πŸ™‚ but I guess I can scroll backwards, as you’re right… there are not too many posts. I think its good you don’t update too much in a way – it means you’re getting on with life!! I update so often ha ha.
        I am going through the worst of it now I think… lots of oozy flares and full body shedding. Its pretty awful but I am hoping it will clear up in a few weeks. Thanks for responding!

  2. Thanks Chi! I am hanging on. Every day is a battle though. I think you did say this in the blog as well. Funny I used the same exact expression. πŸ™‚
    I have been thinking this morning though.. do you guys not find taking a shower irritating your skin and making it more itchy? I read lots of posts but nobody says that.. is it me only?
    Reading your post I decided going with the no moisturizer method.. its ugly, but whatever I put on my skin, just makes it itchy. 😦

    • I find that what my body can tolerate changes all the time. Sometimes the shower stings, sometimes it feels good and when my body doesn’t ooze I’ll avoid the shower altogether! Don’t worry too much about it because I truly believe that everyone handles tsw differently. Sometimes it’s trial and error to see what your body can handle. You just do what makes you the most comfortable. As long as you don’t go back on those pesky steroids I think you will be fine!
      Let me know how your no moisturiser goes. Its hard at the beginning but now I think it’s one of the best things I did. Hang in there! X

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