Day 1014

2 years, 9 Months and 10 days in!

Hey y’all! It’s that time again, where I begin to feel guilty about not updating.. Things have been hectic! I finished exams (AND PASSED) and am now set to graduate which is exciting as hell!

Skin has been up and down and all over the place. Still going through flares and such. No where on my body is completely clear really but it’s ok. At least it’s not bleeding and weeping through my clothes. I only took a few photos this time though. Not too much to update from last time, so short post this time round!

My arms are probably doing the worst atm. Summer is here and heat makes me flare terribly.



Legs are doing ok tho! Just dry and flaky. Those white marks are what happens when I scratch.


Those massive open wounds are now a distant memory. I had those for over a year and I cannot believe how far I have come. It’s still patchy and dry and those spots are from flaring. But I can def manage.


My poor face! I’m trying to stay cheerful!



But on a good day I can put makeup on and I’m all good! Some days when my skin is terrible and I do makeup you can kinda see how flaky my skin is.


But as I said. Good days are goooood. (And 100% no filters, guys!)



My hair is finally growing back and looking the way it used to before this mess. SO LUSH!


So still a positive update!!! Not at the end yet but certainly through the hardest times. I hope you guys are all well and looking forward to the holiday period! We all need some cheer because 2016 was such a shitty year right?

Take care everyone! Stay safe! X


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