Day 865

2 years, 4 Months and 14 days in!

I’m back!!! Again I’m so sorry about not updating for such a long time. The periods between my posts have been longer because there’s not that much to update really. Also I have been a busy busy little bee. I’m back at uni and set to graduate this year. I can’t wait to finally get my stupid piece of overpriced paper !! XD

Tis winter here now and the winds have been really nasty. I am coping as best I can. I had a pretty bad flare in Jan. And that was right around the 2 year mark for me. I thought for sure I was gonna escape the anniversary flare but no. It totally knocked me out of any plans for about 2 weeks. I bounced back pretty quickly though. I’m sorry I didn’t take as many photos. But I’ll post what I have plus the updated photos.

I’d have to say overall the degree of flares has died down. I now have this kind of itchy (still crazy flaking) flare. It’s like dry skin that just constantly sheds now. Like I cycle between a dry cracked day, to a flaking shedding day to a lobster red skin day. Rinse and repeat. No more ooze for me tho! Except a few tiny patches here and there. Also sometimes random eyebrow hairs fall out but really I can deal.

Okay. Ready for photos?? Here we go!

So my arms have had these flares for a LONG time. And they flared up in Jan. Pretty shitty but now they are so good I don’t have to bandage it at all!! Just dry and flaky and a bit spotty now.

Left Outer Arm 





I know. What kind of Deadpool-esque quack healing factor is this? I don’t understand but it is great and I am not complaining.

Left Inner Arm 





Right Outer Arm






Right Inner Arm





Left Leg





Right Leg Top





Right Leg Side





Random Thigh


20160423_212418 (1).jpg


20160706_154221 (2).jpg


I’m so sorry but I didn’t take any.. I don’t remember why I think I was just devastated because the anniversary flare hit me hard and the whole bottom half of my face was oozing and red and really horrible. But I am better now.. although this is me on a bad day these days.


And this is me on a good day!


Was so great to catch up with Esther again (You all read her blog too right??). She is a ton of fun! We are both doing soo much better. Thank god considering we have both passed the 2 year mark already. I wish I could have spent more time with her but between my uni/exams and her jetsetting around the world, we ran out of time. Ah well. There is always next time!

Oh and this is me on a really good day. Just some makeup, no filters. 😉 (That’s my sister btw… Can you believe she is turning 40 this year?? Those asian genes are handy)


Yeah. Life is getting better.

Currently still no moisturisers which I find still itches me. I do shampoo/conditioner though. I find unless I do it makes my scalp really itchy! I am very particular about what makeup I use, super sensitive skin is a nightmare. But my main go to is Estee Lauder, Clinique and MAC. It’s pricey but worth it for my skin to not react.

Also I do have alcohol sometimes (Like 1-2 drinks a week) and I generally eat well. The only thing I cut out and definitely will never consume again is coca cola. I find one tiny sip and I will break out. So really I cut out a lot of sugary foods (ESPECIALLY the processed stuff – it makes me itchy as hell). But sometimes I am naughty and cannot resist junk food. It is too yummy and I am weak.

I hope everyone else is doing well and keeping their spirits up. Persevere my dears! Much love, till next time xx



Day 41

1 Month and 13 days in!

Have been getting steadily worse. Everyday I think “This is the shittiest condition my skin has ever been in” but then the next day rolls around and I realise yesterday was a good day.

Getting sleep has been hell! I don’t think I have slept more than 3 hours at a time. Trying to keep a regular sleeping pattern is proving to be very difficult but I’m trying. Sometimes I have been in so much discomfort that I snooze sitting upright in my bed. That’s always fun. i don’t know what’s worse! The pain, the itch, the ooze or the flaking.

In the past week I have really dreaded taking showers. I have to spend 10 minutes just working myself up to get in!!! The burning I get makes me feel like I’m getting stabbed with needles sometimes! Everyday is a battle.

My face on a good day! Peeling like crazy.


Last week my whole neck was covered with the scabs but most have flaked away. It’s basically dried ooze. You can see the ‘red sleeve’ is not so red anymore on my arm. Still a sleeve though!


My wrists itch like crazy! I hope hope hope it doesn’t spread to my fingers!


These patches are so painful!!! Have to be careful when I’m moving around so I don’t split them open by stretching too much. I have quite a few of these! They stick around for a few days and then peel off to reveal that pink, thin and super smooth skin underneath.


It really is a 2 step forward, 1 step back process. Frustrating as hell and I’m just trying to take things one step at a time at this point.

We all have to remember that every day is a day closer to healing.